10 March 2015

Positives 1,2,3

So many good things have been happening lately that I HAVE to post on this normally dormant blog. First of all, this baby has been waking up with hair like this:
And this:
She finally has enough tufts of hair for little "stick 'em ups" as we call them. 

Also, after 6 months of searching, Jason landed MY -and I hope his-dream job. It's better pay, plus he can keep his other job part time and, best of all, it's work from home. WORK FROM HOME. You guys. For real. We turned our school room into an office. 
We're working on a long desk I'm going to paint gray for the kids' computers. Check it: I even got him a love fern.

Thirdly, and best of alls is the news that baby number 8 will join us around Halloween. I'm very sick and exhausted. Plus my body by this time is like, "HCG?!! Bloat! Bloat! Bloat!" And my butt, thighs, and uterus are like, "Sir, yes Sir!" And the rest of me goes awol. 😜 but we feel so much peace knowing that Heavenly Father is blessing us with another of his beautiful spirits. 

Pictures from lately:
New haircut
Janeys spring piggy tails
Aunt Kristen bought the girls Easter dresses. We are on the hunt for white tees and cute sweaters. 

Also. Jason was able to fix our washer AND after 2.5 months, our landlord got our dishwasher repaired. I'm about to have a dishwasher AND a washing machine. I'm here to tell you that absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. 

30 January 2015

This kid turned a big 5 this month.  He is EVERYWHERE.  For real.  He got a trampoline and when we add that to his scooter he got for Christmas, he seems to be a lot HAPPIER.  
He kept asking for a guitar with a star on it for his birthday.  He was adamant that it was what he really wanted.  I thought it would be fun but Jason wanted to get him something GOOD if we were going to get one at all.  Finally, I pulled up the Toys R Us website and let him look around.  Pretty soon the guitar was out the window and power ranger figures and boy toys were on the list.  

He likes to go visit our neighbor, Sister Wangeman, and get treats.  He gets really excited.  He also likes to bring her treats.  Especially cookies.  She is one of his favorite people.  He also LOVES all his grandparents.  He is always talking about them and wants to spend time with them.He is very excited to start school in the fall and got an R2-D2 backpack that beeps for his birthday.  He wants to go to kindergarten like Natalie.  And speaking of Natalie, she is his best friend.  They have lots of adventures together.  Like wandering several blocks south in their pajamas to a friend's house.

For his birthday party he opted for a movie at home, with TREATS and popcorn, because that's how Findlay's roll over here.  We watched it at Grandma's house because she has a big shiny new tv.

26 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Amelia enjoyed the snow but likes blankets and "skuggles" more. 

There were lots of opportunities for makeovers. 

Giant sugar cookie frenzy. Lots of candy. No one threw up. 

All that was left of his cookie were a few crumbs. Which he polished off. 

Babies love Christmas. 

Presh. They're matchy-matchy!

The queen was in residence all day though her apparel got better as the day went on. 

Artists in the making. 


We can build it! We can make it!

This Christmas was a crazy whirlwind of fun and games. We loved being together as a family and LOVED the white Christmas surprise we awoke to find. We love our Savior, Jesus Christ and his beautiful gift of his life and love and sacrifice. 

31 October 2014


Our little Amelia may not be able to say many words, but she's sure got a handle on things when it comes to performing.

Pumpkin harvest

I grew these babies in the garden this year. The kids have all been involved. Even Amelia took the time to pat them every day. I thought it was funny the kids decided they needed to load them into the wheelbarrow to get them to the porch. (I would have just rolled em myself. )
Also, these trees at my kids' school have been favorites of mine since I was a student there.